Company Overview

Linnex is the successful Brand of Bengal group of industries. Bengal group has started its journey back in 1969 by establishing country’s first plastic processing company-Bengal Plastics Ltd. which is one of the largest plastics company in Bangladesh. After tremendous effort, over the year, It has launched many of its successful brands along with Electronic Media, Bengal Real Estate, Bengal Foods & Beverage, Bengal Chemical, Bengal Metal Corporation, Bengal Flexipak Bengal Paper, Bengal Garments, Bengal Feed & fisheries, Bengal Renewable Energy and Linnex Electronics & Home Appliances. After the accomplishment of these successful brands, now we have launched Linnex Technologies Ltd. with Linnex Mobile.

Linnex is a global technology brand Born in USA that provides the most exquisite product experience. Linnex mobile is a combination of elegant design and innovative technologies that give the user quality time with aesthetic aspects of crafting. Including Bangladesh, USA, Bhutan and China currently Linnex mobile is operating in different countries.

We are driven by the art of uniqueness and the devotion for technology that helps of our R&D team brings out the best of it. We are here for those who are starving for technologies with stylish device.

We’ll continue to focus on expanding our business in order to create more jobs to elevate poverty in our society. We have also adopted effective CSR programs to make positive impacts on our community whilst maximizing business value of our stakeholders and shareholders.